30 Beautiful Birthday Prayers for a Child

Wishes by Ankita

Children are like flowers because they make our lives beautiful and enjoyable. No matter what your child's age is, your kid always needs love and appreciation. On your child's birthday, wish him/her the best by the following "birthday prayers for a teenage girl or boy".

Read our collection of "birthday prayers for a child" and wish your kid best on his birthday.

  • 1

    You are a special gift for all of us.

  • 2

    God will guide you in life.

  • 3

    Always look to God for guidance.

  • 4

    I hope that Jesus can be your protector.

  • 5

    I pray that every moment of your life is filled with happiness.

  • 6

    I hope that you and your family find happiness on your birthday.

  • 7

    May you have a fabulous year ahead.

  • 8

    I pray for the Lord to bless you in life.

  • 9

    I wish that you can find abundant happiness in your life.

  • 10

    Jesus will bless you to achieve great heights in life.

  • 11

    I hope that you can always find happiness in life.

  • 12

    O Lord, bless this child with your love and happiness.

  • 13

    Dear God, bless this child your guidance.

  • 14

    God always protects you, my dear daughter.

  • 15

    Dear Heavenly Father, protect my daughter from evil and bless her with a good life.

  • 16

    Thank you for your blessings, Heavenly Father.

  • 17

    We seek your blessings for our child, Heavenly Father.

  • 18

    May God bless your little one.

  • 19

    We are thankful to have you in my family.

  • 20

    I pray that you will find your true mark this year, my child.

  • 21

    I wish you the best on your birthday.

  • 22

    God will help you overcome hurdles in your life.

  • 23

    I wish you absolute happiness in your life.

  • 24

    I hope you can keep smiling on your birthday.

  • 25

    My child, you are the best gift for your parents.

  • 26

    You are the sunshine in our lives.

  • 27

    I hope that Jesus will never stop making you happy.

  • 28

    May God bestow you with knowledge and wisdom.

  • 29

    I pray that God will give you the wealth of goodness and kindness.

  • 30

    You brought happiness to our lives.

Prayer is the most powerful thing for any faithful person. In prayer, we seek God's blessings for ourselves and our loved ones. That's why, on your child's birthday, it's best to pray for your child along with giving them gifts. Remember that nothing is more important than your sincere prayers for your loved ones.

Share these heartwarming "prayers for birthday boys or girls" with your child to show your best wishes.