30 Cap Quotes and Sayings

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Caps are nice sporty accessories that protect us from the sun. They are available in many different styles and colors. For example, baseball caps are currently very popular, especially in America, since they look super cool. If you like wearing caps, then you’ll surely enjoy these cap quotes.

Here is our selection of quotes about cap.

  • 1

    It's a wonderful achievement to find a man who'll marry you.

  • 2

    Weekends are perfect for dressing well.

  • 3

    It is a matter of great honor for an actor to portray a Bond villain.

  • 4

    A lot of kids don't get any exercise and keep eating all day long.

  • 5

    A lot of celebrities go out in public wearing sweatpants and a ball cap.

  • 6

    Men wearing baseball caps don't drive that well.

  • 7

    Don't live your life according to the beliefs and expectations of others.

  • 8

    There's nothing glorious about becoming sad at the miseries of others.

  • 9

    Players must practice humility.

  • 10

    The green cap is part of the Australian cricketer's uniform.

  • 11

    You can write a message to the world on your cap.

  • 12

    It's better not to be a trophy in someone's life.

  • 13

    People put on their thinking caps when they need to engage in deep thought.

  • 14

    The perfect graduation attire and accessories can make you look like a graduate.

  • 15

    It's hot when you're wearing a graduation cap and robe.

  • 16

    A cap talks for itself when you're wearing it.

  • 17

    Dream big.

  • 18

    Graduation ceremonies pretend to celebrate individuality while building conformity.

  • 19

    You don't want to be naked beneath your robe and hat.

  • 20

    Baseball caps can be worn anywhere and everywhere.

  • 21

    It's important to be authentic.

  • 22

    You can't look professional in a baseball cap turned backward.

  • 23

    It looks quite dumb when people are wearing their baseball caps backward.

  • 24

    In the 1950s, people dressed well, even at the baseball park.

  • 25

    Baseball caps are perfect for hiding baldness.

  • 26

    The baseball cap is an American invention.

  • 27

    You have a lot of responsibilities when you're in a position of power.

  • 28

    We always meet someone special when we look worst.

  • 29

    Some people can pull off a baseball cap pretty well.

  • 30

    Many celebrities like to take things easy on their off-days.

These cap quotes help us realize all the ways in which the humble cap enables us to make a statement while protecting our head from the weather. Baseball caps are great for summer protection. On the other hand, no graduation ceremony can ever be complete without a perfect graduation cap.

What’s your favorite cap quote?