30 Cocktail Quotes and Sayings

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A lot of people love cocktails. They are considered a perfect drink for any time of the day and who can deny the popularity of the quintessential cocktail party. Can there ever be another drink that's better to socialize over? We hope the cocktail connoisseur in you will enjoy the cocktail quotes we have included in this article.

Here is our selection of quotes about cocktails:

  • 1

    For most people, giving up alcohol is impossible.

  • 2

    Drunks don't mind having alcohol for breakfast.

  • 3

    Life can seem amazing when someone is intoxicated.

  • 4

    A well-made cocktail can feel therapeutic.

  • 5

    Drinking makes the world seem like a better place.

  • 6

    People seem more interesting when you're drunk.

  • 7

    Alcohol may not do us good, but it's hard to dislike drinking.

  • 8

    Friday evenings are all about drinking margaritas.

  • 9

    It's very chic to own a cocktail shaker.

  • 10

    You can please your guests with a well-made cocktail.

  • 11

    Memorial services are like cocktail parties for old people.

  • 12

    Cocktail parties can last well into the morning.

  • 13

    Both the chef and the bartender know how to make great cocktails.

  • 14

    Cocktails have their place in our culture.

  • 15

    The martini and mint julep are the most popular cocktails in America.

  • 16

    Introverts don't need many people in their lives to be happy.

  • 17

    Life is full of many peculiar experiences.

  • 18

    In the right setting, a mocktail is just as satisfying as a cocktail.

  • 19

    People think that cocktail can give writers inspiration.

  • 20

    Don't make promises while you're drunk.

  • 21

    Drinking is necessary for a happy life.

  • 22

    Drunks can't keep count of drinks.

  • 23

    A drunk person can do something foolish.

  • 24

    Some people find greater comfort in cocktails.

  • 25

    Don't let the drink control you.

  • 26

    A cocktail is a good idea at any time of the day.

  • 27

    People have always loved cocktails.

  • 28

    It's difficult to understand why cocktail parties are so popular.

  • 29

    Alcohol causes problems while also offering an escape from them.

  • 30

    The reason people drink is to feel good.

These cocktail quotes are funny and enjoyable. They make us think about the eccentricities of society and what important role alcohol seems to have in our modern society. Most people love unwinding with a cocktail on Friday evenings, and who doesn't enjoy attending a glamorous cocktail party!

We hope you enjoyed our selection of cocktails quotes.