30 Funny Good Morning Messages for Her

Love by Ankita

When you meet the right woman, you love her with all your heart and you want to make her happy every day. Funny good morning texts for her will help you show your sense of humor and wish your loved one good morning.

Read these funny good morning texts and find inspiration for perfectly good morning wishes.

  • 1

    You fought with mosquitoes last night so she could sleep peacefully.

  • 2

    You really miss…your sweet buffalo meat.

  • 3

    Getting up early is the wrong decision to start a day with.

  • 4

    You really hope that her messages will keep on waking you up.

  • 5

    Remind her that she doesn't look that good in the morning.

  • 6

    Offer her to borrow you a kiss, you promise to return it with a huge interest.

  • 7

    Her beauty distracts you from her breath.

  • 8

    She's on the list of favorites.

  • 9

    Remind her that you left your house in a mess that should be cleaned.

  • 10

    You think of her even though you really crave coffee first thing in the morning.

  • 11

    She's your seasonal comedian.

  • 12

    Starting your day with a coffee is harmful only if it ends up on your head.

  • 13

    Wish her a day full of good things and ask for your cut.

  • 14

    Wish her a good morning while you're at work.

  • 15

    Remind her that mosquitoes will be waiting for her tonight.

  • 16

    Coffee first, everything else after.

  • 17

    Remind her to bring an umbrella.

  • 18

    Friendzone her, as a joke.

  • 19

    You wouldn't leave to go for work if she's on your bed.

  • 20

    She has infected you with procrastination.

  • 21

    Remind her what the real morning is.

  • 22

    She is the most patient girl.

  • 23

    She helped you overcome the fear of sleeping alone.

  • 24

    She's a professional at sleeping late and waking up late.

  • 25

    Her day begins at noon.

  • 26

    Fat and lazy? Be careful with this one!

  • 27

    You forgot the rhyme, but you're sure you want a kiss.

  • 28

    Being woken up by a bird song is the best way to start a day.

  • 29

    She deserves an Oscar for oversleeping.

  • 30

    You want her to be your pillow.

If your girlfriend likes sleeping late and waking up late funny good morning texts for her are an excellent way to make a joke about it. A witty message will make her wake up with a smile and start her day off on a joyful note.

We hope that you liked our collection of funny good morning messages for her and that they will make your loved one smile.