30 Inspiring Quotes About Having a Good Heart

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The greatness of a man can be judged by his heart. Good heart quotes show us that all the people who have good hearts are a source of happiness for themselves and others. Having a good heart makes you truly beautiful, making you the ultimate winner.

We made a selection of the best good hearted person quotes. Let them inspire you to be a better person.

  • 1

    The art of life is keeping a good heart.

  • 2

    Good health, success, and happiness in life depend on a good heart.

  • 3

    Goodness is about how we treat other people.

  • 4

    Having a good heart is the essence of any religion.

  • 5

    A woman's love resides in her heart.

  • 6

    Great men are the ones that are good by heart.

  • 7

    If you do good, you will be filled with joy.

  • 8

    A good heart has the most powerful light.

  • 9

    Crying doesn't make you weak, it shows that you have a good heart.

  • 10

    Having a good heart makes you victorious.

  • 11

    Sometimes it's not easy to have a good heart.

  • 12

    Don't let the wrong people spoil your good heart.

  • 13

    Kindness becomes a responsibility when you have a good heart.

  • 14

    Beauty is in the heart.

  • 15

    The beauty of a good heart lasts forever.

  • 16

    A grateful heart is a good heart.

  • 17

    A good heart matters more than all the heads in the world.

  • 18

    The kind of person who is a pleasure to meet is the one with a good heart.

  • 19

    Having a good heart makes you pretty.

  • 20

    People with a good heart are a source of happiness for themselves and others.

  • 21

    A good heart shines bright, just like the sun.

  • 22

    What makes you courageous is not fearlessness but a good heart.

  • 23

    Having a good heart makes you the ultimate winner.

  • 24

    Having a good heart matters.

  • 25

    A good heart is even more valuable than a smile.

  • 26

    A good head and a good heart are something special.

  • 27

    Truly great people have good hearts.

  • 28

    The brightest beauty is one coming from a good heart.

  • 29

    Good hearts and fine minds can move the world.

  • 30

    People with good hearts know how to forgive.

In today's world which is full of temptations, sometimes it's difficult to do the right thing. Quotes about good hearts remind us that people with a good heart are true blessings.

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