30 Quotes About Expecting a Baby for the Soon-To-Be Moms

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The birth of a baby is the happiest event in the family. You can only imagine how happy the mothers are when they are pregnant with a baby. Unborn baby quotes express the feelings of love that mothers feel for their babies.

Read these expecting baby quotes and enjoy the beautiful sayings that we have selected.

  • 1

    The new baby reminds you of how big love is.

  • 2

    Most precious moments of your life begin when you are expecting a baby.

  • 3

    Your baby will hold your heart for a lifetime.

  • 4

    The baby girl you're expecting is the greatest blessing in your life.

  • 5

    The moment a mother sees her baby, the strongest love begins.

  • 6

    Your bundle of joy will redefine your life.

  • 7

    The new baby is a new priority in your life.

  • 8

    Your baby stole your heart.

  • 9

    Children are the greatest treasure that we have.

  • 10

    Children make your life more meaningful.

  • 11

    The baby boy that you're expecting is your blessing.

  • 12

    Pregnancy is one of the most rewarding experiences a woman can enjoy.

  • 13

    Thank heaven for little girls.

  • 14

    You would do anything for your baby girl.

  • 15

    Having a baby gives a new emotional depth to your life.

  • 16

    The greatest adventure of your life is about to begin.

  • 17

    Appreciate your body during pregnancy.

  • 18

    An unborn baby gives your life a new hope and dream of possibilities.

  • 19

    Being pregnant is an amazing journey.

  • 20

    Being pregnant is the beginning of endless happiness.

  • 21

    Babies change our perspective and give us reason to be better.

  • 22

    Being pregnant and carrying a new life is a blessing.

  • 23

    Pregnancy is the happiest and sweetest suffering.

  • 24

    Life gets a new meaning every time a child is born.

  • 25

    Be the best mother you can be.

  • 26

    Babies are true blessings.

  • 27

    It's our duty to protect all children.

  • 28

    Having a baby makes the world richer with possibilities.

  • 29

    Pregnancy makes you more powerful and beautiful.

  • 30

    Remember that it's worth all the suffering.

A mother's joy begins with the new life starting inside. Unborn baby quotes express the love that the whole family feels for the little ones.

Whether you are pregnant with baby boy or baby girl, quotes that we have selected will surely fill your heart with joy.