30 Quotes About Taking Risks

Life by Cyrus

A life without risks can be nothing more than a very average existence. Greatness is achieved only by taking risks. Successful people never shy away from risks. Winners are never afraid to lose. They know that the stakes are too high for them to not risk everything they've got in order to achieve what their heart desires. We hope these taking risk quotes will inspire you to take more risks in your life.

Here is our selection of quotes about taking risks:

  • 1

    Be willing to take risks by thinking of life as an experiment.

  • 2

    A life without risks isn't worth living at all.

  • 3

    To be rewarded by life, you have to be willing to take risks.

  • 4

    Opportunities and rewards are hidden within the risk.

  • 5

    Never be afraid to take calculated risks.

  • 6

    It's only the risk-taker who has a chance to win.

  • 7

    Risks have an element of freedom attached to them.

  • 8

    Only a risk-taker gets to find out what's possible.

  • 9

    To be truly alive, we have to be willing to take risks.

  • 10

    Living under your potential is riskier than realizing your greatness.

  • 11

    There is nothing irresponsible about taking calculated risks.

  • 12

    Every time you are taking a risk, you are indeed risking failure.

  • 13

    Making mistakes is inevitable; whether you willingly take risks or not.

  • 14

    Progress doesn't happen taking risks.

  • 15

    You shouldn't take life-threatening risks.

  • 16

    Taking a risk makes everything exciting.

  • 17

    There are lots of risks involved with games and sports.

  • 18

    Successful people enjoy taking risks.

  • 19

    You have to take great risks to live an enjoyable life.

  • 20

    Self-confidence opens us up to new possibilities.

  • 21

    To gain real happiness, you have to risk being vulnerable.

  • 22

    Winners are risk-takers.

  • 23

    It is better to make a wrong decision than to be perpetually indecisive.

  • 24

    Being authentic requires you to risk being your true self.

  • 25

    There is nothing riskier than being passive.

  • 26

    We learn a lot of important life lessons by taking risks.

  • 27

    You can only gain by taking risks.

  • 28

    To achieve greatness, be willing to take risks.

  • 29

    You gain more experience by taking risks.

  • 30

    Those who shy away from taking risks aren't truly living.

These taking risk quotes show us how important it is to do things that look scary to us. In order to win, you have to risk losing. People who are afraid to take risks never achieve anything great in life and they settle for a life of mediocrity. Don't let this be you.

We hope these take risks quotes have fired you up to live more daringly.