30 Self Discipline Quotes to Fire up the Winner in You

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All winners practice extreme self-discipline. After all, it is impossible to achieve success without an action plan that you stick to. This is no easy feat, that's it is not surprising that very few people achieve success. We hope these self-discipline quotes will inspire you to stay focused on your goals and persevere in your efforts.

Here is our selection of quotes on self-discipline.

  • 1

    Children should be trained to develop self-discipline.

  • 2

    Spiritual growth requires self-discipline.

  • 3

    Self-discipline comes from self-respect.

  • 4

    Be concentrated on whatever you're doing.

  • 5

    Losers lack self-discipline – winners have mastered it.

  • 6

    Self-discipline makes you unbeatable.

  • 7

    Success cannot be achieved without self-discipline.

  • 8

    Self-discipline grows with practice.

  • 9

    Self-discipline gives us character and integrity.

  • 10

    Self-discipline empowers us to deal with any situation.

  • 11

    Goals can only be achieved with self-discipline.

  • 12

    Winners love hard work and self-discipline.

  • 13

    We can stay disciplined only when we create the rules.

  • 14

    Self-discipline gives you the power to achieve anything.

  • 15

    Self-discipline is the highest form of victory one can achieve.

  • 16

    Self-discipline is the most important ingredient for success.

  • 17

    Powerful people have tremendous self-discipline.

  • 18

    Self-discipline helps us stay focused on our goals.

  • 19

    Waking up early is essential for maintaining self-discipline.

  • 20

    Character is built through self-control and self-discipline.

  • 21

    Only a disciplined person is truly free.

  • 22

    Self-discipline makes us do what's needed regardless of our mood.

  • 23

    Talent without self-discipline will never last long.

  • 24

    Long-term success can only be achieved through daily self-discipline.

  • 25

    Self-discipline makes us rest only after all the work is done.

  • 26

    Self-discipline is the best investment for a secure future.

  • 27

    Winners are self-disciplined to resist temptations.

  • 28

    Discipline can last only when it self-enforced.

  • 29

    We can be self-disciplined only when we have clear goals.

  • 30

    To lead a meaningful life, please practice self-discipline.

These self-discipline quotes show us how important it is to have control over oneself. If we are constantly succumbing to temptation and base desires, then we can only lead a life of mediocrity. Greatness requires mastering the art of long-term enjoyment. Always set clear goals and pursue them with all your might.

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