30 Quotes to Celebrate Friendship of 10+ Years

Friendship by Subani

Friendship is a special bond that everyone values. Our friends are always with us through the ups and downs, and when you develop a genuine friendship, it will last a lifetime. If you have many old friends, counting the years becomes part of acknowledging the beauty of your relationship. So whether it is 10 years or 20 years of friendship and still counting, these quotes will help celebrate your milestones.

  • 1

    Today we make a toast to twenty years of friendship.

  • 2

    During the past 20 years, we've made lots of beautiful memories together.

  • 3

    It's such a blessing to have you as a faithful friend for two decades.

  • 4

    I wish all the happiness that you can think of comes into your life.

  • 5

    You help me become the best that I can.

  • 6

    Our 20 years of friendship have strengthened me.

  • 7

    Thanks to my dear friend for always being there for me.

  • 8

    We share a friendship that is worth keeping.

  • 9

    You are an exceptional friend! Happy 10 years of friendship!

  • 10

    Our friendship gets better with time. 10 years of friendship and still counting.

  • 11

    You're the best thing that has happened to me in the last ten years.

  • 12

    We've shared ten years of remarkable friendship with each other.

  • 13

    We're celebrating 10 years of a beautiful friendship.

  • 14

    Thank you for ten years of a fantastic friendship.

  • 15

    I'm indebted to you for giving me the sweetest memories in these last ten years.

  • 16

    It's 18 years of friendship, and we still share such a unique bond.

  • 17

    You make me do crazy things without thinking.

  • 18

    Your presence in my life makes me happy and content.

  • 19

    Let's celebrate our 18 years of an enjoyable friendship.

  • 20

    Our relationship remains the same after all these years.

  • 21

    You make me laugh louder and smile brighter.

  • 22

    Let's be together for 22 years more to celebrate forty!

  • 23

    Your friendship for 18 years is the best gift I have ever had.

  • 24

    Your friendship is the only thing I need.

  • 25

    We share a remarkable union, and I will never forget you.

  • 26

    I pray that God helps you achieve success as we cross another decade of our friendship.

  • 27

    You are a beautiful gem that God has given to me.

  • 28

    You always remain close to my heart.

  • 29

    Your friendship has become a vital part of my life.

  • 30

    I love our friendship because it brightens my life.

Here we have listed quotes that celebrate many milestones: from 10 years to 18 years to 20 years of friendship and still counting. Real friends are hard to find, and friendships last for 10 years or more are even rarer. So share these quotes with those friends that you never want to lose.