50 Sweet "I Miss You" Quotes

Love by Ronit Cytheria

It never works well if you do not let your loved one know your true feelings. Just assuming that the other person understands may not work each time. Also, sometimes, people want to hear feelings being spelt out loud and clear. It avoids miscommunication and helps to strengthen the beautiful bond that both of you share.

Below are our favorite 50 I miss you quotes for him and for her, and one of them will definitely match your mood and situation.

  • 1

    Sometimes, words fail you as you try to express your feelings. So keep it plain and simple.

  • 2

    You can always tell if things are not the way they should be.

  • 3

    Even if he is not around you, you are still thinking about him.

  • 4

    It doesn't matter whether you have stopped saying it. You continue to miss him.

  • 5

    It is the small things that made all the difference and brought you two so close. Now is the time to share your true feelings with him.

  • 6

    You never thought you would be missing him so much.

  • 7

    You don't realize how important he is until you are away from him.

  • 8

    There are days and moments when you miss him more than usual. And today is just one of those days.

  • 9

    You only need a trigger like a face, a voice, or a thought to start thinking about him once again.

  • 10

    You haven't quite moved on yet.

  • 11

    This is a sweet and simple way to express all your feelings to him.

  • 12

    Now is the right time to tell him that you miss him.

  • 13

    Now you know how close he was to you and how much he understood you. Tell him how you feel in these simple words.

  • 14

    There is nothing like being plain and simple. These words will tell him exactly how you feel.

  • 15

    When you do not know what to say, follow your gut feeling.

  • 16

    Tell him how you feel right now. Maybe these are the exact words that he wants to hear - you never know!

  • 17

    If he is gone, it does not mean that he is not going to come back. Maybe he is just waiting for that little push from you. So call him back.

  • 18

    It never hurts to tell him how much you miss him!

  • 19

    If he is upset, these I miss you quotes for him will do the trick for you.

  • 20

    He wants to know how much you miss him, too.

  • 21

    When you miss him, it hurts to not see him.

  • 22

    Even though it is impossible to be together at this time, you can still tell him that you are waiting for him.

  • 23

    Tell him how important he is to you.

  • 24

    You still think of him, day and night.

  • 25

    Tell him how everything around you reminds you of him.

  • 26

    If you want her to be with you, these missing quotes will bring her back.

  • 27

    Tell her how much you miss her and cannot wait for her to come back.

  • 28

    You do not want her to go away, so send this quote and bring her back.

  • 29

    You miss her, and you have to tell her those exact words.

  • 30

    These are pure but real feelings. You have to share them with her.

  • 31

    Just say this to your girlfriend, and she will come running back to you.

  • 32

    Things will work out between you two.

  • 33

    Show this to someone you miss.

  • 34

    The simplest words convey your truest feelings.

  • 35

    Even if you are far apart, you can still share your feelings with each other.

  • 36

    You are thinking about her. Now use these miss you quotes to tell her that.

  • 37

    When you think about her all the time, you know that you love her.

  • 38

    This message will surely bring a smile to her face!

  • 39

    Emotional distress will transform into physical pain.

  • 40

    I think about you all the time.

  • 41

    Always convey your feelings truthfully.

  • 42

    If you are wondering whether your feelings are one-sided, then it is time for you to ask the question directly.

  • 43

    You can tell her exactly what's on your mind.

  • 44

    If you have decided not to let her go, tell her.

  • 45

    I will forever cherish our time together.

  • 46

    It is time for us to get back together again.

  • 47

    I think about you and all the time we have spent together.

  • 48

    Tell her how days are brighter because of her presence.

  • 49

    You mean the world to me and I miss you.

  • 50

    We can no longer be together, but I still think about our time together.

These I miss you quotes for him and for her can be concise or vague, sad or uplifting. Choose the one that portrays your feelings. After all, there is nothing like telling the truth to build and develop a real relationship.