Top 20 Sun-kissed Quotes to Feel Warm

Life by Ronit Cytheria

While the sun is associated with both harshness and warmth, here are the top sun-kissed quotes for you to savor its different flavors. The actual meaning of being sun-kissed is to get plenty of sunlight, making you feel warm or tanned. But these quotes are much more than that.

These sun-kissed captions reflect ways in which this celestial body impacts our lives. So read on to see how kisses from the sun feel. Besides, these will make for the best summer quotes to boast about your trips, to the beach or anywhere else.

  • 1

    Being sun-kissed never goes out of fashion.

  • 2

    Now that's my kind of person!

  • 3

    The sun, the blue sky, and sweet tans are always adorable.

  • 4

    Sun, sea, salt and sand; there's nothing like it.

  • 5

    Sun-kissed memories are the most treasured ones.

  • 6

    White goes well with sun-kissed skin.

  • 7

    When the sun loves you, you get kisses, not burns.

  • 8

    Feel that warm breeze in your hair.

  • 9

    Sun and cool breeze - perfect peace.

  • 10

    Some are blessed with natural sun-kissed skin and need no artificial tanning.

  • 11

    A beautiful morning sun is nothing short of a blessing.

  • 12

    A loving embrace is just like the sun kissing the skin.

  • 13

    Tropical lands have a close association with a bronze, sun-kissed glow.

  • 14

    When the sun gets harsh, the kiss seems like a slap.

  • 15

    Earth would not last long without the sun.

  • 16

    Even the moon blushes brightly when kissed by the sun.

  • 17

    Too much of anything loses its flavor and turns into a nightmare.

  • 18

    Everything has a phase. What is currently in demand may at some point stand alone.

  • 19

    Summer days by the sea are the best.

  • 20

    It makes you jealous when your girl gets a kiss from the sun, instead of you.

Now that you have read about the impact of being sun-kissed, we expect that you will surely spend some more time under the sun, rather than on tan beds. When you do go out, a sun-kissed caption may come in handy to describe your love for the sun. Besides, it is always cool for the body to get a bit of warmth. Anyway, the sun god will surely be pleased!